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Welcome to WolfStone Ranch

WolfStone Ranch is a registered nonprofit corporation, a licensed animal-care facility, and a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity whose first mission is to rehabilitate emotionally wounded and behaviorally challenged dogs (and cats) ~ rescued from local shelters ~ and then to place them in specifically appropriate homes. Thus, not only are these fragile animals' lives saved, so too are the lives of the additional animals the shelters are able to take in, since they are no longer indefinitely warehousing "unadoptable" animals.

This website is a work-in-progress. And in many ways, really, so is WolfStone Ranch... Rescuing? Already happening. Rehabilitating? Still looking for the right Dog Whisperer to join Pack WolfStone and start working with our emotionally and behaviorally challenged dogs. Placement? Hoping to begin finding perfect homes for our adorable, already adoptable animals… now that we are finally online! Thus, turning the beautiful vision of WolfStone Ranch into a glorious reality is still largely a dream not yet come true because… well, maybe because… we need you?!

So if you are an animal lover… and if it breaks your heart to see animals suffering… and if you would like to do something to help (however large or small) but don’t know exactly what… then I hope you will take a little time to see if you find a place for yourself inside the distinctive WolfStone Ranch vision I have shared in the pages of this website, especially in the Get Involved section…

You can begin by asking yourself…

What Time, Treasure or Talent have I to give to the animals???

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." -- Mahatma Gandhi

Perhaps you're an enlightened entrepreneur or angel investor casting about for a way to "do good while doing well"... that is, a way to make money while Making a Difference in the world. Then how about checking out all of our Vision pages? There, I have outlined the complex of businesses I would like to start that would fulfill WolfStone Ranch's mission of creating an environment that supports healing for all living beings and promoting compassionate treatment of all animals... while simultaneously generating profits that would help support our charitable work of rescuing, rehabilitating and placing "unadoptable" dogs and cats... And if you're excited by what you have read there, then I hope you'll take the next step of seeing what I have to say on the Become A Business Partner page!

Since starting WolfStone Ranch, I had been praying for divine inspiration. "OK God, Farmington Pet Adoption Center has their Second Chance Retail Store... What business is right for WolfStone Ranch?" On my own I had come up with a few tentative ideas... Why not open an alternative veterinary practice? (I currently have to drive to St. Louis for these services.) Why not open a vegetarian/vegan restaurant? (I desperately want to become a vegan myself, for every reason in the book.) Why not open an animal-themed boutique? (Animal "stuff" is always popular.) Not bad ideas, but something was missing...

Then finally, in the wee hours of 11/12/13, after many nights of intense prayer, I had a dream about starting a SPIRITUAL RETREAT FOR PETS (and their People)... a place where all guests, no matter their species, could find peace and serenity... a place to begin a new lifestyle to take home with them!

Suddenly, WolfStone Healing Center (featuring Alpha-Stim®, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and reiki for animals)... Dandelion Café (offering only vegetarian and vegan dishes)... and The Animal Kingdom Boutique (offering upscale animal-themed products and artwork using no animal-based materials)... all made perfect sense... and all revolve around the "heart and soul" of Wolfstone Ranch's proposed businesses, a Spiritual Retreat for Pets (and their People)!

The pink granite cottage.

Or maybe you’re a musician or a singer looking for a special kind of performance opportunity? Then please, head straight over to the Join Crying For A Vision page! I last performed my Rocky Mountain National Park-inspired songs at a solo concert on the Mineral Area College campus for Earth Day 2007… and now I’m eager to put a whole band together to raise awareness of animal welfare issues in the community and to raise money to help support the work of WolfStone Ranch.

Speaking of music, we’re offering a pretty cool way (or so I think) to make small donations… buying songs (for yourself or friends)! Take a listen to samples and then make your picks… We’ve got some inspirational pop-rock songs from my Schizi Fritzi collection, some cathartic prayers songs from my Crying For A Vision CD, and some moving mountain music from my Rocky Mountain Longing collection. We've even got a live recording of my anthemic activist song Together (see partial lyrics below), from an Earth Day 2008 concert here in Farmington!

"I have found that you have to only take that one step towards the gods
And they will then take ten steps towards you." --Joseph Campbell

Kahlua 2013

Wildflowers between some of our kennels and walking paths.

Yes, WolfStone Ranch has been a work-in-progress since I bought the place in April 2010… And I’ve gotten this far only with the help of many supporters… not to mention the gift of many Miracles as well (and I do not use the word lightly). Without meaning to sound grandiose or to compare myself to him, my Dream is to do for the animals of the Mineral Area (and beyond?) what Martin Luther King Jr. did for civil rights in America. But I can’t make this dream come true without the help of many, many devoted animal advocates… like you? As I have said in the lyrics of my song, Together

I’m but one lonely voice
Crying in the night
For all the pain and sorrow
I see all around me

But what can I do
And who’ll listen to me
I’m but one lonely spirit
Crying in the night

So won’t you help me change the world
Won’t you help me make things right
Together helping others
And together seeking Light

Yeah, won’t you help me save the world
Won’t you help me right what’s wrong
Together we’re a power
And together we are strong
Yeah, together we are strong

Copyright 2004 by Jessica Karraker
Published 2004 by Karraker Music (BMI)