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Become A Business Partner or Angel Investor

I fervently believe that it is my God-given mission, through WolfStone Ranch, to offer a special kind of emotional healing to animals and people alike. I also believe that it is my mission, through WolfStone Ranch, to build a thriving community of kindred spirits around the shared ethos of compassionate treatment of all animals.

WSR is a registered nonprofit corporation, a licensed animal care facility, a 501(c)(3) public charity whose first mission is to rehabilitate emotionally wounded and behaviorally challenged dogs (and cats) ~ rescued from local shelters ~ and then to place them in specifically appropriate homes. Thus, not only are these fragile animals’ lives saved, but so are the lives of the additional animals the shelters are able to take in, since they are no longer indefinitely warehousing “unadoptable” animals.

But since far too many people consider it a waste of time and money to save such disturbed animals, WolfStone Ranch needs to start a popular and lucrative business (or three) to generate income to support its own charitable work… and what could be more appropriate than a spiritual retreat that offers emotional healing (aka inner peace) to pets as well as their owners?!

"Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace." -- Albert Schweitzer

Loneliness, anxiety and depression are rampant in our society. Many people turn to their pets for much-needed companionship and comfort. But unfortunately, our pets are emotional sponges ~ soaking up and then acting out our emotional pain. Therefore, many emotionally wounded people and their equally troubled pets are in serious need of healing. Not surprisingly, even during these economically difficult times, pet-related businesses are booming.

Retreat guests would stay in dog- and cat-friendly cabins at WolfStone Ranch. Services offered for pets would include the same compassionate rehabilitation (force-free, positive-reinforcement behavior modification) that the rescued animals at WolfStone Ranch are receiving… as well as massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and reiki. Services offered for pet owners would include the traditional meditative practices of drumming circles, prayer song circles and breathing circles… as well as massage and reiki.

However, I would also like to feature the use of Alpha-Stim (by both pets and their people) for enhancing and accelerating emotional healing and behavior modification. Alpha-Stim has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of anxiety, depression, insomnia and pain. To my knowledge, no one else is using such microcurrent electrotherapy either to enhance canine emotional rehabilitation or to enhance human meditative practices.

"We must commit ourselves to incorporating the conditions that foster peace and serenity into our daily lives. So much inside of us can flourish when we turn off the wordily noise. The search for inner peace is a lifestyle decision." -- Marianne Williamson

TWO ANCILLARY BUSINESSES. I’d also like to have a vegetarian/vegan restaurant on the property for our retreat guests, as well as local residents (featuring locally grown, organic, whole foods) ~ “The Dandelion Cafe” ~ not only because such food is conducive to physical cleansing and emotional healing, but also because it’s a menu that’s consistent with WolfStone Ranch’s mission of compassionate treatment of all animals.

Finally, I’d also like to have a chic boutique for lovers of animals and art ~ “The Animal Kingdom“ ~ offering animal-themed products such as artwork, clothing, jewelry, books and music (but using no leather, silk or other animal-based materials), featuring products designed, made and donated by artists.

SO… who among you is captivated by the idea of “doing good while doing well” ???