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The Vision

Canine Training & Behavior Modification…

for the Local Community

Kahlua 2013

* Providing force-free, positive-reinforcement behavior modification
* Featuring the use of Alpha-Stim® to enhance training
* Offering group classes as well as private in-home training
* Profits to support WolfStone Ranch’s rescue work

Although I haven’t yet found the right “Dog Whisperer” for WolfStone Ranch, we’ll eventually have one… and she (or he) will then be able to train others… and soon we’ll have a whole crew of trainers experienced to work with the shelter dogs we’ve rescued who have emotional and behavioral issues!

But why not also offer help to people in the community who have animals with issues? For one thing, that’s a need we can fill in our community. For another, doing so will keep more animals from being surrendered to the area shelters (or dumped out in the country).

And just as we’re doing with the dogs we’ve rescued to rehabilitate, we’ll encourage our students to use Alpha-Stim® on themselves as well as their dogs, to enhance emotional healing and learning receptivity by reducing their stress and helping them to relax and focus.

Our training goals will include:
* Helping people improve the bond with their dogs
* Helping people nurture their dog’s trust and respect through leadership and training
* Providing special training and support for people with particularly troubled dogs

"Properly trained, a man [or woman] can be a dog’s best friend." - Corey Ford