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WolfStone Ranch Needs a Dog Whisperer

Still Looking For The Right "Dog Whisperer" For WolfStone Ranch

As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m no “dog whisperer”, dog trainer or dog rehabilitator. I do, however, have a way with animals. I’m almost always able to win an animal’s heart, and to build a bond of trust. But I’ve got other things to do besides becoming a dog rehabilitator myself (like recruiting, fundraising and educating the community). Which means, therefore, that I need to find someone (first) who is a dog rehabilitator and (second) who resonates with my vision of WolfStone Ranch… to get involved here as our resident Dog Whisperer.

I’m specifically looking for someone who exclusively uses Force-Free Behavioral Modification Training… probably beginning with Clicker Training. Now, I understand there are lots of famous and successful trainers out there. And I understand that some who say they are force-free are not deemed truly force-free by other true force-free trainers. However, I want to make it extremely clear that I am looking for someone who uses only force-free, positive-reinforcement methods, no ifs and or buts about it.

I’m looking for someone who is properly certified and has some verifiable experience, but more than that… I use the term “Dog Whisperer” because to me the term implies someone who has a very special gift with dogs… someone who has an innate talent for understanding dogs… and even more importantly, someone whom dogs sense not only understands them but also respects and loves them… someone whom dogs quickly learn they can honestly and truly trust with their very lives.

WolfStone Ranch does not, at this moment, have money to offer as a salary. Perhaps we can raise money for this critical position at WolfStone Ranch through this website, or through crowd sourcing online, or through a grant of some sort?

For another thing, I’d like to see WolfStone Ranch’s Dog Whisperer teach rehabilitation classes in the community to help people with their pet’s special emotional and behavioral issues. Perhaps this could be one source of some income for our resident Dog Whisperer?

And for those of you who may be interested in this position, perhaps you have ideas yourself about how to make this work???