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Each song is available for a donation of $5 or more. For a donation of $40 we'll send you an entire album! All songs are encoded as m4a files at a high quality ...


I am sharing my music on our Give & Shop page as TOKEN THANK-YOU GIFTS for the DONATIONS being made… NOT as an opportunity to “SELL” or even “PROMOTE” my music… So I beg you, please don’t think I’m being egotistical or materialistic in sharing my music here!

Allow me to explain… At the time I moved back to Missouri (in late 2006), I had felt forced to give up all my musical aspirations (as I discussed on my About Jessica page)… Eventually, however, I felt Called to animal rescue… which has, in a way that I find utterly astounding, ultimately led me back to my music (as I discussed in Newsletter #13)! Because...

If you’ve read my Home and Vision pages, you know that the whole WolfStone Ranch Vision “package” now includes my plans for putting together a spiritually-based, activist drum circle and eventually even a similar musical ensemble… so it really is RELEVANT! And because giving you a taste of my lyrics will, I believe, further ILLUMINATE MY VISION, in a more artistic way than everything else you have read on this, my new “manifesto” website.

Moreover, I have always approached my songwriting by FIRST PRAYING… so in a very real way, I don’t actually think of myself as the songwriter… Well, perhaps I would say that my Sacred Self has authored these songs. But the way the process FEELS to me is that I am just the CONDUIT FOR THE SACRED to move through me… that I have surrendered my human self so that the Sacred can use me to do its work in the world.

Furthermore, while I am admittedly proud of how my “Crying For A Vision” and “Schizi Fritzi” CDs turned out, the other song recordings here were excerpted from live performances… and believe me, I’m only too aware that the sound quality is not that great… and that you can hear that my guitar-playing is not up to the level of my vocals. Yes, I do think of myself as a (former) professional vocalist and I’m relatively satisfied with my singing… but I can assure you that I’m very humbly a neophyte when it comes to my guitar work!

So, with no further ado, please feel free to turn to my original Give & Shop page! Read more...

Our Mission

  • Building a Spiritually-Based, Activist Community around the Ethos of Compassionate Treatment of All Animals
  • Creating an Environment that Supports Healing for All Living Beings
  • Canine & Feline Rescue, Rehabilitation and Adoption Within Our Own Growing Community

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Please Note

WolfStone Ranch is a small, exclusive facility. We are not a typical shelter open to the general public. We do not accept owner surrenders because we are simply not set up to be that kind of rescue operation. Instead, we are able to take in only a small number of “unadoptable” shelter animals in need of intensive rehabilitation. Once we are able to adopt out one of these animals, we are then able to pull another “unadoptable” animal from one of the local shelters so that they can take in more animals in dire need of rescue. With this in mind, we suggest that you contact the Farmington Pet Adoption Center if you need to relinquish an animal (be it your own pet or a stray you’ve picked up). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Links of Interest

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