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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Custom-built kennels in the back yard.


A Dream Becomes A Mission

As a kid I’d dreamed of one day starting some kind of animal shelter… but I’d been planning on doing it with the fortunes I was going to reap from becoming a rock’n’roll star. And since that had never happened (despite some serious attempts), and I’d not stumbled on riches any other way, I’d set aside that dream… over and over again…

Since returning to Farmington in the fall of 2006, though, I’d felt compelled to try to help the neglected and abused dogs and cats in my very own neighborhood. I’d been dabbling in rescue work for three years when I received my Aha! Moment (for details, see the God-Given Mission page, also found in this About section.) In that flash of insight I’d realized that I was finally ready to make a lifetime commitment to seriously addressing the suffering and the injustice that was in my face every day. I was finally ready to fully embrace a personal responsibility… instead of saying to myself, “If I just had the money and time, I could do so much more!”

So in early 2010, I joined the Board of Directors for the local no-kill shelter, The Farmington Pet Adoption Center (FPAC)… and then, after almost a year of learning what the animals at FPAC needed from me, and what I intuitively felt I was best suited to do for them, I resigned from the board… to begin the work that has become WolfStone Ranch.

"If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it
even if I may not have it at the beginning."-- Mahatma Gandhi

As it turned out, early 2010 was also the time that I realized I needed to move out of town, because I’d collected more stray animals than allowed by Farmington’s municipal code. Long story short, after a turbulent winter and spring, but also a whole series of incredible miracles, I purchased a charming but neglected little 5-acre “ranch” just outside of town that looked absolutely perfect for my growing family of rescued animals… a tiny cottage for me (and the cats)… and plenty of “bark” room for the dogs!

As I guess I should have expected, the process of WolfStone Ranch’s development was a matter of “putting out fires”… my term for the life-and-death emergencies (rescues and other crises) that sometimes seems to form the regular rhythm of life out here… which is to say, I didn’t have a well-developed, detailed Grand Scheme already laid out in my mind when I first moved out to what I eventually named WolfStone Ranch!

Backyard sally port.

No, I knew that, in general, I wanted to create a place where the “unadoptable” animals at FPAC could get the emotional healing they needed, and then get adopted out to the finest homes that I could find anywhere in the whole U.S. And I knew that, in general, I wanted to find ways to inspire more people from the community to get involved in helping to address the animal injustices throughout the Mineral Area. But I have definitely felt that I’ve been taking care of the specific needs as presented in the Here and Now… day after week after month after year…

So here’s a list of the “biggest fires I’ve put out” in the past 3 years… This includes maintenance repairs and rescue development…

Standard kennels in the barn yard with sally port.

Outdoor cat pen with sally port.

Walking trails.

Furthermore, all through these building repairs and renovations during the last 3 years, I was also busy rescuing nearly 200 dogs and cats… most of whom I was able to transfer to Five Acres Animal Shelter, the only true no-kill shelter (that I’m aware of, anyway) in the St. Louis area. And I’m happy to report that absolutely all of those animals have been adopted out! And the few animals that Five Acres couldn’t take… are still here at WolfStone Ranch.

"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing
is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius
is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.
Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent."
--Calvin Coolidge

TODAY… Basic Physical Infrastructure Complete (For Now)

WolfStone Ranch now has three large yards... front, back and barn; all of the fences are 6’ high with standard 11.5-gauge chain link. All yards have 18” of anti-dig fencing buried under 6” of dirt around the inside perimeter of all three yards. All three yards have sally ports on the main gates ~ the back yard has an extra gate at that driveway that is for use by large vehicles, so there is no sally port at that gate.

In the backyard, there are four “super-duper” 5’ x 15’ kennels with concrete pads. In the barnyard, there are three “standard” 5’ x 15’ kennels with pea gravel floors (and anti-dig fencing buried around the inside perimeter of the kennels). All seven kennels have (a) custom-fitted weatherproof covers and (b) plastic dog houses inside them.

The three barnyard kennels are the “standard” ASPCA-recommended kits that one can buy at Lowe’s; they are made of 12-gauge chain link. The 4 backyard kennels, which use the same standard metal frames, have been custom-built with much more stout 9-gauge chain link, making them virtually escape-proof.

In the first quarter of 2013, WolfStone Ranch has: (1) passed inspection and received its state rescue license; (2) incorporated as a nonprofit organization; and (3) applied for 501(c)(3) (tax-exempt) status… although I’m told we won’t hear back from the IRS for nearly a year!

In April 2013 we also finished upgrading our quarantine pen (attached to the barn) and repaired the leaky basement (which used to flood whenever it rains heavily) and installed a “French drain” across the front yard. (See the News & Events section for photos.)

In September 2013 we launched this, our work-in-progress website!

"Bold Goals Attract Bold People"

TOMORROW… Goals for 2015


WolfStone Ranch is still looking for just the right Dog Whisperer… and we believe in using only force-free, positive-reinforcement behavior-modification methods (among others, Karen Pryor’s Clicker Training)…


WolfStone Ranch has never been more ready to find business partners and angel investors!  As mentioned on our Home page and discussed in much detail in the Vision section, I would like to start an entire complex of businesses, revolving around a SPIRITUAL RETREAT FOR PETS (and their People).  This will involve purchasing more land nearby for building pet-friendly cabins.  Then, here on WolfStone Ranch, we will build WolfStone Healing Center (which will feature Alpha-Stim® and massage for animals and people; as well as chiropractic, acupuncture and reiki for animals)… Dandelion Café (offering only vegetarian and vegan dishes)… and The Animal Kingdom Boutique (offering upscale animal-themed products and artwork using no animal-based materials).

"I have found that you have to only take that one step towards the gods
And they will then take ten steps towards you." -- Joseph Campbell