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WolfStone Ranch: Get Involved!

Building A Community

When I was a teen, watching the nightly newscasts over dinner with my family, I secretly wished to be a hippie and peace activist out in California at UC-Berkeley, rallying against the war in Vietnam. But I felt stuck here in sleepy Southeast Missouri, isolated and alone, and with absolutely no idea what to do with my pent-up passion to Make a Difference in the world. I felt small and weak, trapped by tradition and caged by the conventions of life in the Heartland of rural America. I was but a kid, ignorant and naïve… what did I know? What could I do?

And now, decades later, I’ve returned to my quiet little hometown. Since graduating high school in 1971, I’ve been there and done that… including most pertinently living in Los Angeles and New York City, touring the world as an avant-garde musician, and also performing at a few social justice rallies (for instance, at an ACLU rally against the death penalty in Phoenix). And since returning to Farmington in 2006, I’ve even performed at a couple of Earth Day celebrations… one at Mineral Area College and another at Long Memorial Hall in Farmington.


Become A Business Partner or Angel Investor

Doing Good While Doing Well
In their book Enviro-Capitalists, Terry Anderson and Donald Leal introduced me to the concept of “doing good while doing well”. (Their book was about making money with businesses designed to heal Mother Nature where we humans have damaged Her.) While this idea appeals to my spiritual goal of living by the Golden Rule, it also appeals to my practical nature. Especially in uncertain economic times like these, I don’t think it would be at all wise to rely solely on the generosity of a benevolent community to support the charitable work (canine and feline rescue and rehabilitation) of WolfStone Ranch. How much better to have a business (or two) whose profits could at least partially cover the expenses of caring for the animals? And better still if those businesses somehow served some of the needs of that animal-loving community, while simultaneously seeking compassion and justice for the animals! A lofty goal such as this takes imaginative and innovative vision. But vision alone is of little value without other business acumen. As Anderson and Leal said, “Those who see opportunities also must be able to seize them by coordinating complementary inputs.”


Join... "Crying for a Vision"

A Spiritually-Based Activist Musical Ensemble
I’m looking for musicians and singers with professional-quality talent and at least some experience, but not necessarily working musicians (who would probably have scheduling conflicts)

Musicians… Guitars, bass, drums, percussion, banjo, pedal steel, keyboards, Also interesting world and “primitive” instruments???

Singers… Great at blending tight harmonies

Also… Sound Engineer, Manager, Publicist, Event Coordinator, Administrative Assistant


WolfStone Ranch Needs a Dog Whisperer

As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m no “dog whisperer”, dog trainer or dog rehabilitator. I do, however, have a way with animals. I’m almost always able to win an animal’s heart, and to build a bond of trust. But I’ve got other things to do besides becoming a dog rehabilitator myself (like recruiting, fundraising and educating the community). Which means, therefore, that I need to find someone (first) who is a dog rehabilitator and (second) who resonates with my vision of WolfStone Ranch… to get involved here as our resident Dog Whisperer.


Other Staff and Volunteer Opportunities

Right now, I’m it, I wear all the hats around here… from Executive Director to Chief Pooper Scooper. And now it’s time to find others to help me make the WolfStone Ranch dream come true.

If I had my druthers, I’d be free to concentrate all my efforts on…