WolfStone Ranch Adoption

PLEASE BE AWARE... THAT WE WILL ONLY ADOPT OUT TO PEOPLE WHO WHOLEHEARTEDLY BECOME PART OF THE WOLFSTONE RANCH COMMUNITY… aka FAMILY. But just what do I mean by that? What does it mean to become part of the WolfStone Ranch Community?

For one thing, it could mean someone who has become deeply involved with WolfStone Ranch, someone who has changed their life by devoting a significant portion of their time and talent and energy, either as an employee or volunteer….

But it could also mean someone who just occasionally volunteers... and yet who remains involved with other social WolfStone Ranch activities…

And it could also mean someone who originally brought their own pet to us for rehabilitation and who, with their animal, remains involved in ongoing rehabilitation or other training classes… or even with other social WolfStone Ranch activities…

And, finally, it could also mean someone who has adopted one of our animals and who, with their animal, remains involved in ongoing rehabilitation and/or training classes… as well as other social WolfStone Ranch activities…

LET ME MAKE THIS PERFECTLY CLEAR… anyone who adopts one of our animals will be someone who will not just “put up with us” doing a home-check before and maybe one or two after adopting that animal, they will be people who WELCOME becoming an INTEGRAL part of our community, because they ENTHUSIASTICALLY EMBRACE the same standards of animal care, and they DEARLY LOVE the idea of sharing their animal-inclusive lifestyle with kindred spirits.

And instead of feeling like we’re being intrusive to want to make arrangements with them to stop in and visit from time to time, they will be delighted to see us and catch us up on the latest with all of their pets, whom they consider full-fledged members of their family! Shoot, they will even joyfully consider us humans of the WolfStone Ranch Community to be members of their extended family!!

THE WOLFSTONE RANCH FAMILY… aka COMMUNITY… WILL BE MUTUALLY SUPPORTIVE… Which means that we can share things like pet-sitting for each other. And getting our animals together for play-dates. Going hiking and picnicking together. And happily sharing photos and stories of life with our animals. And let’s not forget… we can prayer-drum and prayer-sing together. And do yoga together. And cook vegan together. And do activist work together to help change the Midwest rural culture to providing more compassionate treatment of all animals.

And if you think all this sounds ridiculous and over-the-top… then I encourage you to adopt from Farmington Pet Adoption Center… or one of the many municipal animal control “shelters”… or one of the private rescue groups in the area. For there are so many precious dogs and cats who are desperately in need of finding their Forever Homes. And may you find the perfect new companion to join your family!

But if you’re excited by the idea of adopting not just a new furry family member, but also a whole community of other animal lovers, then please check out my old webpage, which includes a link to our Petfinder page, our adoption procedures, and our dog and cat adoption applications. Read more...

Our Mission

  • Building a Spiritually-Based, Activist Community around the Ethos of Compassionate Treatment of All Animals
  • Creating an Environment that Supports Healing for All Living Beings
  • Canine & Feline Rescue, Rehabilitation and Adoption Within Our Own Growing Community

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Please Note

WolfStone Ranch is a small, exclusive facility. We are not a typical shelter open to the general public. We do not accept owner surrenders because we are simply not set up to be that kind of rescue operation. Instead, we are able to take in only a small number of “unadoptable” shelter animals in need of intensive rehabilitation. Once we are able to adopt out one of these animals, we are then able to pull another “unadoptable” animal from one of the local shelters so that they can take in more animals in dire need of rescue. With this in mind, we suggest that you contact the Farmington Pet Adoption Center if you need to relinquish an animal (be it your own pet or a stray you’ve picked up). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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