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Why "WolfStone"?

Juli & The Wolf Stone


Like the Buffalo and the Bald Eagle, the Wolf is a symbol of the American “Wild West”. To traditional Native Americans, the Wolf symbolizes (among other powerful attributes) strength and endurance. Highly intelligent and adaptable like the Human, the Wolf can survive as a loner… but thrives as a social creature. The Wolf has always been my “totem” animal. Everyone knows that I have always had a special affinity with these marvelous and majestic animals. And as one might suspect, I have quite a gift collection of wolf art, paraphernalia and books like Women Who Run With The Wolves that now grace my new home… WolfStone Ranch.

Butch & The Wolf Stone


The pretty little cottage on my attractive little five-acre ranch is made of locally quarried pink granite. Like the Wolf, Stone is a symbol of strength and endurance. There’s also a large and impressive rock in my front yard on which I plan to have painted a modern version of a prehistoric howling-wolf drawing, similar to the rock art found throughout Europe as well as the American Southwest… or like the primitive wolf drawing found on an Irish stone that inspired the name of a popular Celtic rock group of the same moniker!

Coco & The Wolf Stone


Both wolves and stones are universal symbols of primeval Mother Nature. At the same time, this word-made-of-two-words is reminiscent of the names of the aristocratic English estates… and perhaps the Great Lodges of the American National Parks.

This is the Wolf Stone of WolfStone Ranch. Missouri native
Columbines are beautiful and provide habitat and food for
hummingbirds and butterflies.

The WolfStone Vision ~ Romantic Idealism

Like something out of a distinctively American Fairy Tale… charming, timeless, magical… Perhaps even mystical… subtly evoking images of ancient spirituality… or intimating the possession of primordial healing powers…